The process of retrieval and replacement takes place very easily through us because we work by all means on the comfort of all users and provide an excellent and enjoyable experience for them.

A- The customer has the right to request the replacement and return of the products or goods that he purchased from the merchants in some cases, such as:

1- If you receive a wrong product, commodity or commodity in violation of the description mentioned by the merchant in our store.

2- If you receive a defective or a counterfeit product or carry counterfeit trademark data.

3- If you find that the purchased product or commodity is not the size or weight indicated on it.

4- If you find a defect in the quality of the purchased product.

5- If the products or goods violate the Saudi standard specifications.

6- In the event that you do not need the purchased product and a return to the purchased item or product is made within 15 days from the time of purchase.